We have the right cleaning attachments and specially equipped Vactor and Robotic Cutting Trucks to take on just about any sewer cleaning challenge. We provide cleaning services to industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal clients throughout the greater Southern Ontario area. Just as important as the right Equipment and tools is experience – DMR has staff with up to 25 years of cleaning expertise. Combined together – we get the job done right and on budget.


Debris, sediment, roots, calcite, concrete, solidified asphalt, foreign objects – we can clean it all. Robichaud has a fleet of five heavy duty Vactor 2100 units, with a crew of skilled operators who have the experience needed to get the job done right and to work quickly regardless of the conditions. Some of our operators have been with us for over 15 years and have operated these trucks for over 25 years. They know how to get more done for less money.

We welcome inquires for “as needed” or scheduled sewer maintenance contracts, as well as requests for special cleaning projects, including: subdivision pre-acceptance cleaning, culverts, leachate collection systems, private sewer systems, outfalls, and large diameter trunk sewer cleaning projects.