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Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Spot Repair is a practical and economical alternative to traditional sewer replacement. Repairs can be made to broken, cracked, or damaged sewer pipes.

About CIPP Spot Repairs:

  • A trenchless repair process that involves impregnating a polyester felt lining with resin, inverting the liner and then pulling the coated liner through the existing pipe.
  • Our three CIPP repair systems include: lateral repair, spot repair and MH to MH lining, all eliminate infiltration and exfiltration, adding to the structural integrity of the pipe.
  • CIPP spot repairs are most cost effective for small areas within a section of sewer requiring repair, from 1m to 10m in length, depending on the pipe size.
  • Specifically suited for tight joint structure, and isolated cracks and fractures within a line.
  • ASTM F2599-06 is the industry standard for inverted spot repairs, avoiding contamination of repairs while being pulled through the sewer.

We are the official licensee of the LMK® Performance Liner® Sectional CIPP Spot Repair System in Ontario. No other single trenchless technology has the potential to save you more money than our Inverted CIPP spot repair, guaranteed. Our Spot Repair is Road Authority Approved.