Dye Testing

Dye Testing is used to locate the intrusion of rain or ground water into the sewer system (inflow and infiltration), and it can verify the existence of cross connections.

About Dye Testing:
  • Dye is mixed with fluid carried by the drains, giving it a visible colour that can be easily traced.
  • Dye found in the sewer system means rainwater from the property is also leaking into the system, resulting in lines getting backed up and overflowing.
  • The flow of the fluid through the sewer system is then monitored by inspecting sanitary manholes located downstream of the testing start point.
  • Dye Testing is typically performed in combination with a CCTV.

These tests are very affordable, accurate, and fast. The results are instant, so you will know immediately if you need to take any corrective or remedial action.