Electric Current Infiltration Testing

Electro Scan’s suite of next generation condition assessment technologies provide an effective way to manage, protect, operate, and certify infrastructure.

Electro Scan features include:
  • Finding sources of infiltration and locating and measuring pipeline leaks in water and sewer pipes.
  • Retrofitting of CCTV trucks.
  • Simulating wet-weather conditions.
  • Scanning pipes 6 to 60 inches in diameter.
  • Ranking and prioritizing of sewer and water pipes for replacement and renewal.
  • Measuring the variation of electric current in non-conductive pipes and locating defects not seen by CCTV or other legacy inspection techniques.
  • Taking separate “before and after” scanning tests of any pipe repair, relining, or renewal activity to compare electrode current values, and for CCTV video to re-examine pipes to determine if any visual defects were missed or not recorded during initial examination.
  • Determining the cost-effective design, testing, and certification of pipe repairs, renewal, and new construction.
  • Providing a consistent, automated way to find leak locations, length, and intensity, within 1 cm.

Electro Scan delivers accurate reports. Detailed scans ensure nothing gets missed – getting it done right the first time – saving you money.