Assess - cctv inspection

Electro Scan’s suite of next generation condition assessment technologies provides an effective way to manage, protect, operate, and certify infrastructure.

Benefits of Electro Scan include:
  • Uses a low-voltage frequency current, designed in accordance with ASTM F2550-13, to locate and measure water quantities able to enter or exit cracks in a pipe wall, defective joints, or poorly connected service laterals.
  • Locates defects by measuring changes in the electrical resistance of the pipe wall in non-conductive pipes, such as clay, plastic, concrete, reinforced concrete and brick, which are electrical insulators, thus having a high resistance to electric current.
  • Allows data to be immediately available for post-processing and reporting of defect flows shown in gallons per minute (GPM) or liters per second (LPS), using an advanced cloud application.
  • Utilizes probes of varying lengths to assess the entire circumference of the pipe.
  • Collects data from the probe which is uploaded to a tablet or smartphone for analysis.
  • Converts raw data into objective and quantitative data about leak locations and their severity, as well as infiltration rate.
  • Works hand-in-hand with CCTV to determine the nature of the repairs required.
  • Ranks and prioritizes sewers and water pipes that are due for replacement or renewal.
  • Adds another layer of data to help make informed planning and investment decisions about repairs.

This revolutionary condition assessment of your sewers and pipes will certainly save you valuable time and money.