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Epoxy spray lining is a method of sealing manholes with a layer of 100% solid epoxy, which isolates the manhole from conveyed mediums. Our epoxy lining is the best option for ensuing a long service life of the rehabilitaed structure.

About Epoxy Spray Lining:

  • One of the best materials for coating and lining, it is typically used for corrosion prevention in existing and newly installed manholes.
  • Epoxy thickness can be precision-controlled, resulting in smooth lining, which preserves flow capacity, improves efficiency, and prevents costly leaks.
  • Offers high compressive and flexural strengths for masonry and concrete structures, and is perfect for lining new and old manhole structures.
  • Is more tolerant than other coatings in wetness and humidity, making it ideal for applying to damp substrates (that are inherently present in sewer systems), while enhancing the structural value of the manhole.
  • Nothing is as sticky as Epoxy – making it ideal for ensuring a long service life

Our epoxy lining process carries an excellent warranty when applied by our certified technicians, giving you total peace of mind that the job is done right and on budget.