Repair - box culvert 3

Epoxy spray lining is a method of sealing tanks and chambers with a thin lining of epoxy resin (typically 1mm thick), which is sprayed on to the cleaned lateral and/or horizontal surfaces.

About Epoxy Spray Lining:

  • One of the best materials for coating and lining, and is typically used for corrosion prevention and to improve flow characteristics.
  • A revolutionary restoration process that requires no excavation and is designed for horizontal and vertical applications.
  • A precision system that can control the thickness of the epoxy, resulting in smooth lining, which preserves flow capacity, improves efficiency, and prevents costly leaks.
  • Uses a chemical-resistant, non-toxic epoxy lining approved for drinking water and provides a safe and protective barrier between the pipe and water.
  • Used for rehabilitation and corrosion protection of larger man-entry tunnels, pipes, manholes, plus other water and wastewater structures.
  • The robotic epoxy spray-on system restores tanks and chambers, and allows almost immediate return to service, much faster than cement mortar.

Epoxy spray lining is fast, saves downtime and money, with little mess, minimal disruption and occupant displacement.