Repair - Liner dispenser

Epoxy spray lining is a method of lining pipes with a thin lining of resin (typically 1-3mm thick), which is sprayed on the surface of the host pipe. The goal is to isolate the host pipe from the conveyed medium and seal the pipe from infiltration and exfiltration

About Epoxy Spray Lining:

  • Epoxy is one of the best materials for coating and lining, and is typically used for corrosion prevention in newly installed large diameter pipes.
  • The robotic spray-on application system restores potable water lines, sewer pipes, and also has a successful track record on underground water mains.
  • The epoxy application process can reline large diameter pipes of up to 60 inches and can go up to 700 linear feet in one pass.
  • This revolutionary pipe restoration process requires no excavation and is designed for horizontal and vertical pipes.
  • The precision of this system can control the thickness of the epoxy, resulting in smooth lining, which preserves flow capacity, improves efficiency, and prevents costly leaks.
  • Can be applied in any metal pipe in any building, structure, or environment, above or below ground, and has a life expectancy of approximately 50 years.

Replacing pipes is 50-75% more costly than lining them. Epoxy spray lining is fast, saves downtime and money, with little mess, and minimal disruption and occupant displacement.