Fiberglass Reinforced UV Light Cured Full Sectional Lining

We have the latest professionally engineered, environmentally sound, and quality assured reinforced CIPP lining process. Ultra-Violet (UV) cured reinforced CIPP custom fit liners are ideal for culvert rehabilitation. The system adheres to the highest mechanical standards, assures quality control, with the added benefit of no styrene discharge into the environment as compared with traditional no reinforced CIPP systems.

About Fiberglass Reinforced Lining:

  • A UV light train is used to cure the liner as it travels through the liner. There is negligible shrinkage of the fiberglass liners after curing.
  • These liners are up to 10 times stronger than traditional non UV CIPP liners
  • A camera is affixed to the UV light assembly to enable video inspection of the liner to ensure it has been properly inflated and any liner problems identified – before curing begins.
  • Lateral connections are reinstated after the curing process with robotically-operated, high-speed cutters. No lateral seals are required unless there is damage to the laterals.
  • CCTV inspections are performed in accordance with ASTM standards after installation of the CIPP liner and reconnection of the active side sewer laterals.
  • A fully-automated system records the complete cure process with automated airflow control systems that maintain optimum pressures during the curing cycle.
  • Available for culverts, sanitary, storm, and industrial process piping rehabilitation.
  • Lines are produced in lengths up to 500m in a variety of wall thicknesses, profiles, and diameters, and are available from 100-1200mm, with wall thicknesses from 3-12mm.
  • Liners have a high degree of resilience and tensile strength, while having excellent radial expansion characteristics for an optimum tight fit to the wall of the host pipe.
  • This environmentally green system uses only air and light during the curing operation, preventing the discharge of styrene contaminated water into the environment.

The liners conform to industry specifications, codes, and ASTM standards, and their strength ensures that roots are not able to affect them at all. Professionally-engineered site-specific designs and installation specs are supplied with all quotations, which are backed by long-term assurances, warranties and guarantees – now that’s peace of mind.