Mainline Launched Lateral CCTV Inspections

To generate precise geospatial GIS and 3D mapping of pipelines, we use PipeMapper technology, a pipeline mapping probe designed to autonomously determine the XYZ location of underground pipes or conduits with incredible accuracy.

PipeMapper features include:
  • Provides 3-D data that can assess vertical and horizontal alignment with accelerometers, gyroscopes, and odometers located within the intelligent probe body.
  • Suitable for various material types of pipeline systems, including ferrous and non-ferrous, filled or emptied, and round or irregular shapes from 100mm diameter and up.
  • Designed for use within a non-pressurized pipeline with either manual or power-assisted deployment, it is completely sealed and insensitive to magnetic and electric fields.
  • Contains an internal data collection instrument that measures the distance travelled, depth, elevation, angle, change in inclination, and speed of the intelligent probe.
  • No tethering required for data transmission to record and send images and data to the surface. It is not limited by a fiber optic or copper data tether length and terminations.
  • Not restricted by the depth of ground cover over the pipeline, enabling pipe locating through environmentally-sensitive areas and over waterways.
  • The self-contained battery makes it portable for easy transport to off-road locations for deployments not reliant on traffic control and ease of access.
  • The PipeMapper Orientation Measurement Unit intelligent probe moves through the pipeline recording all changes in inclination, heading, and velocity at a rate of 800 times per second.
  • Data is saved on a hard drive and transmitted to a laptop computer that runs proprietary data processing software, involving three phases: populating the software with data, processing the data, and integration of analyzed survey results into a GIS platform.

The mapping system is scalable and can be tailored during a pipeline cycle of design, installation, asset management, and maintenance, ensuring you get the most data for your dollar.