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Geopolymer is a high-performance, fiber-reinforced mortar specifically designed for structural rehabilitation that will successfully restore your concrete, brick, or corrugated metal storm and sewer pipes.

About Geopolymer Spray Lining:

  • A high strength, ultra-low porosity material that is made from natural mineral polymers which is particularly effective for large diameter pipe sections
  • Is particularly effective for large diameter pipe sections starting at 36″ and is perfect for pipe segment rehabilitation.
  • Precision-controlled spray application makes it the ideal procedure to restore round, non-round, and pipes showing ovality.
  • Is durable with higher compressive and flexural strength, and modulus of elasticity with a higher resistance to acids and greater surface durability.
  • Cures quickly, providing shortened bypass time and allows flows to be re-established much quicker than cement-based mortars.
  • Exceptionally resistant to environmental factors like heat and cold, and allows for extended application through batch temperature controls.
  • Geopolymer is capable of bonding and building to great thicknesses, and is designed to stick and adhere to virtually any surface.
  • 100% fully manufactured product with no added contributing fillers, specifically designed for consistent application and long-term performance.
  • The EPA supports spray-applied geopolymer liner for sewer pipe repair.

Provides a more cost-effective sewer infrastructure repair and rehabilitation solution which is styrene free and qualifies for LEED credits.