Repair,Culters- Fibreglass - Light Trains in UV CIPP Pipe

This is used to rehabilitate or “slip line” gravity pipeline applications, such as storm sewers, sanitary sewers, conduits, culverts, and process pipes.

About Grout in Place Spiral Wound Pipe:

  • Most commonly used for continuous slip lining of circular, non-man entry pipes, the liner is installed in situ in the host pipe through a manhole or insertion pit.
  • Profile strips of PVC, steel reinforced PVC or HDPE located on spools above ground are fed to a winding machine, which can remain stationary or can travel along the host pipe.
  • The edges of the profile strips interlock forming a water-tight liner, and grouting of the annular space locks the liner in place.
  • The existing pipe walls carry external loads and there is no loss of hydraulic flow ability of the rehabilitated pipe.
  • Laterals are located by measurement and reinstated after lining.
  • All work meets ASTM industry standards and is backed by extensive testing and evaluation.

The process ensures fewer traffic disruptions, eliminates waste and lowers shipping charges of manufactured pipe, and the liner has an 80+ year life span – now that’s peace of mind and money well spent.