Repair - Lapel Liner

Lapel liners are a no dig solution for rehabilitating connections which use a one-piece structural lateral lining and sealed connection. It connects to the main line and does not depend upon the resin bonding to either CIPP lining or to the host pipe.

About lapel liners:

  • Is an ideal trenchless solution for rehabilitating the main-to-lateral connection in lined or unlined large diameter main pipelines via man entry.
  • Is the only viable solution to an infiltration or inflow problem involving issues with root infiltration or calcite buildup around the lateral service mouth at the main sewer line.
  • Compression gaskets ensure a verifiable water-tight seal and can be used on main line diameters from 27 to 60 inches with lateral diameters from 4 to 24 inches.
  • Mechanically anchored by fasteners, they allow the liner to be engineered to withstand specific loading.
  • The standard lateral length of the liners is 18 inches with longer custom lengths available, all manufactured in a high quality, controlled environment.
  • The patent-protected system adheres to the ASTM F2599-06 standard.

This premier lateral lining system is professionally custom manufactured, and is guaranteed to stop water infiltration, putting an end to costly leaks.