Mainline Launched Lateral CCTV Inspections

Robichaud employs superior technology and expertise to inspect lateral connections from within mainline pipes, with our state of the art pan-and-tilt camera system.

Some of the key features of this technology include:
  • A camera that is launched from the main into a service line without any upstream access to the lateral. The unit can enter a lateral from within a main line as small as 6” in diameter.
  • The camera head is capable of pan-and-tilt operation from within service connections as small as 4” in diameter.
  • When inspecting from the main line, we employ special lateral launch CCTV cameras with self-leveling heads that allow the operator and viewer to always know what part of the lateral is being viewed.
  • Each head also features a built-in Sonde, a device that allows for precise above ground location of observations made within the lateral line.
Points to consider:
  • The EPA estimates that private lateral sewer lines account for 75% of the infiltration of ground water into main sewer lines.
  • Leaking laterals cause treatment plants to treat a higher-than-anticipated volume of water, resulting in higher treatment costs, and higher customer fees.

Lateral inspections and subsequent repairs can help you save money, by eliminating the extra costs associated with the infiltration of ground water into main sewer lines.