Inspect - cutting robot

With our advanced mobile inspection equipment for preventative and emergency CCTV probes of all types of piping systems, we can efficiently collect high quality inspection data. CCTV inspections are a superb method for dry weather assessments, identifying structural issues and searching for fats, oils, and grease, as well as dips and sags in pipes.

Our Operators are NAPPI and NASSCO PACP certified and have been with us for years. Whether you want a quick inspection or a thorough look at a pipe with our state of the art pan-and-tilt camera system, or need a float to inspect a trunk sewer, we have the equipment to efficiently collect the high quality inspection data you need.

Our equipment can be deployed across a range of piping systems, sizes and conditions, including:

ARIES LETS Lateral Launch Cameras
  • Our ARIES LETS camera systems are equipped with lateral launch cameras, designed and manufactured to withstand underground environments.
  • The system is a camera within a camera that is launched from within the main sewer line and inspects the sewer lateral from under the house without any disruption to the homeowner – no dig, little mess, less money.
RedZone® Responder Robots
  • Our RedZone Responder Robot employs advanced robotic multi-sensor technology for accurate inspection and assessment of trunk sewers in hostile environments.
  • Suitable for large diameter sewers, it transmits vast amounts of measurable digital data, including high resolution video and imaging, sonar, and custom reports.
  • Being able to cover long distances via remote access means more pipe can be inspected in less time for less money.
Tractor Transporters
  • Our Brutus CCTV tractor system is a main line inspection unit, built rugged, and with large tires for traversing debris in sewer lines, making it ideal for pipe and tank reconnaissance.
  • Normally sewer lines must be cleaned prior to inspection, but where only reconnaissance is required or cleaning is something you can live without – call on Brutus.
Float Systems
  • We have various float systems capable of inspecting trunk sewer lines and sewers with high flow rates. The floats also permit the use of sonar to collect information from below the water line.
  • For the tougher lines or where 3D laser data collection is important, we have the RedZone Responder Robot, capable of inspecting the most challenging large diameter trunk sewer lines.

We have the surveillance gear for any terrain, for all conditions, across a range of systems – getting the job done right the first time.