Repair - Vactor Assisted Reaming - Vac-A-Tee -Instal Cleanouts for Lateral Lining

These repairs involve the installation of full encirclement steel sleeves that cover and repair the damaged pipe.

About Steel Sleeve Repairs:

  • Reinforces areas of damage such as cracks open joints, holes and fractures
  • Stiffness (elastic modulus) and long-term performance of the steel sleeve is equivalent to that of steel pipe
  • There are two types of repairs, namely:
    • Type A (reinforcement):
      • Used to reinforce the area where a defect exists.
      • Offers full encirclement of pipe.
      • Cannot be used on a through wall defect.
    • Type B (pressure retaining reinforcement):
      • Can be used to contain a leak or to reinforce an area where a defect exists.

These repairs present significant economic and environmental incentives for performing repairs without taking the pipeline from service.